/ by Jay Fox

School has been muy crazy lately. Im teaching for the first time, and have a group of stellar students who are coming to terms with lithography (comparing blisters). I also picked up some table tops from a local guy. He was 90 and still on the ball, I hope that when the day comes I am still as lively and healthy as Noel. Anyway, he wanted space in his basement for a new hobby so letterpress had to go! 

I received a scholarship to attend the Friends of Dard Hunter conference in St Louis. It was my first trip there, so I had some good BBQ, saw the arch, threw some rocks in the Mississippi. Then I saw some incredible art, and met some of the friendliest, most inspiring, and talented people. Best part about those conferences is being nerds together. So there we were. 

Finally, here is a sneak peek of what Ive been working on. Its just about to beat my ass, but I think I might finally be getting a hold on something. Handmade cotton rag paper bag. The imagery is a quick monoprint so I can see what it is Im trying for, and to show my committee at least a little of my brain mush.